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1PM Inbound sales agent (ISA)

The 1PM Inbound ISA service is an innovative tool that provides automated, seamless qualification of unlimited prequalified leads on a monthly basis.
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1PM Outbound sales agent (oSA)

Taking outbound lead generation to the next level, our 1PM Outbound ISA service not only reaches out to and engages with potential leads but also qualifies up to 10,000 or more outbound leads a month.

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what can

1PM AI Social Avatars can do

  • Video Avatars: AI avatars that can create realistic videos of themselves or others.
  • Video Chatbots: AI avatars that can interact with users through video calls or messages.
  • Online Characters: AI avatars that can be used for gaming, entertainment, or socialization purposes.
  • Virtual Brand Representatives: AI avatars that can promote products or services online or offline.
  • Customer Service Agents: AI avatars that can provide assistance or information to customers.
explore 1PM ISA

what can

1PM AI Social Avatars do

  • Video Avatars: AI Avatars that can create realistic videos of themselves or others.
  • Video Chatbots: AI Avatars that can interact with users through video calls or messages.
  • Online Characters: AI Avatars that can be used for gaming, entertainment, or socialization purposes.
  • Strategy: Our in-house 1PM team will guide you on setting up your initial AI Avatar Video shoot and integrating it with our 1PM Agency account along with crafting a hyper specific strategy for your brand.
  • AI Video ProductionEngage with visuals and sound that break the mold. Our AI-driven videos are the epitome of innovation, crafted to propel your brand forward.
  • Virtual Brand Representatives: AI Avatars that can promote products or services online or offline.
  • Customer Service Agents: AI Avatars that can provide assistance or information to customers.
  • Video Courseware: AI Avatars that can teach any type of subject on your brand’s behalf.
  • 1PM Expert Copywriting: Every word is a building block of your brand narrative. Our copywriters aren’t just skilled—they’re artisans of the written word, champions of your brand’s story.
  • AI Audio ProductionFuse AI precision with human warmth. Our audio productions resonate with clarity, personality, and the perfect pitch for your brand’s message.
  • Social Media Posts: Create social media posts that can promote and connect with your audience.
  • Video/Audio Podcasts: Clone your voice and/or video with AI and create dynamic and engaging expert podcasts content.
  • Video Sale Letter: Create a unique sales pitch to explain your core product or service.
  • AI Content Translation: Speak the world’s language, with local nuances and global appeal. Our translations don’t just change words; they transport your brand’s essence across borders.
  • Additional Costs: Annual 1PM Video Avatar Licensing Fee


Starter KIT


12 Monthly Installments

  • AI Starter KIT Includes:

  •  AI KIT Web Presentation
  • Auto Booking System + Google Calendar Integration
  • 5-Step Post-Booking Lead Qualification Process
  • AI Digital Library Learning Platform
  • 1 x Digital Avatar Clone
  • 1 Year of Hosting, Backups, Maintenance
  • Research of Brand Topics and Keywords
  • 1 x 20-Minute Long-form Video and Podcast
  • 10 x Social Media Short Video Clips
  • 10 x Social Media Graphics
  • 3 x Content Emails
  • 1 x Blog Post
  • Dedicated SMS Chat Support & Private 1-on-1 Onboarding



12 Monthly Installments

  • AI Pro KIT includes everything in HCP Starter Pack, plus:

  • Additional AI Digital Avatar Clone (2 Total)

  • Additional 3 Content Emails (6 Total)

  • Additional 20 Social Media Graphics (30 Total)

  • Additional 20 Video Clips    (30 Total)

  • Additional 2 Long-form Videos and Podcasts             
    (3 Total)       

  • Additional 2 Blog Posts       
    (3 Total)

Elite KIT


12 Monthly Installments

  • AI Elite KIT includes everything in HCP Pro Pack, plus:

  •  Additional AI Avatar Clone
    (3 Total)

  • Additional 4 Content Emails (10 Total)
  • Additional 20 Social Media Graphics (50 Total)
  • Additional 20 Video Clips
    (50 Total)
  • Additional 2 Long-form Videos and Podcasts
    (5 Each Total)
  • Additional 2 Blog Posts
    (5 Total)

Premier KIT


12 Monthly Installments

  • AI Premier KIT includes everything in HCP Elite Pack, plus:

  •  Additional 6 Content Emails (16 Total)
  • Additional 30 Social Media Graphics (80 Total)
  • Additional 30 Video Clips
    (80 Total)
  • Additional 3 Long-form Videos and Podcasts
    (8 Each Total)
  • Additional 3 Blog Posts
    (8 Total)
  • Fly the Customer In for a Full Experience
  • Full-Day Strategy & Business Deep Dive
  • Studio Access for 2-hour Video Shoot
  • 4K AI Avatar (Single License)
  • 1-hour Photography Session
  • 5-Minute Video Sales Letter
  • Executive Lunch/Dinner

1PM Digital Learning Platform

Pick the route that best fits your needs

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

For beginners or soloprenuers on a budget, looking to invest their own time and minimal capital.


Unlimited Pay-As-You-Go
No Upfront Costs

This plan includes the following features

✓ 1 x FREE Avatar Sample with Signup

✓ Unlimited Access to our all-in-one white-labeled CRM platform (GHL)
✓ HL Pro Tool In-App Support for everything related to GoHighLevel
✓ Single Location Conversation AI Bot to build your own scripts directly in GoHighLevel
✓ BaseCamp Project and Team Management Tool for streamlined communication
✓ Unlimited Forever Access to MTIP University where you’ll learn everything about AI Automation, Lead Generation, Prequalification, and more. This includes:

  • Creating your own custom scripts and follow-up drip campaigns
  • Building out your own AI Bot Automation
  • Scheduling and deploying COLD + WARM marketing campaigns
  • Qualifying your own inbound lead traffic
  • Auto-booking appointments using AI Automation
  • Creating an AI Digital Avatar of yourself for social content, sales, and marketing purposes

Done-with-you (DWY)

For professionals or teams looking to invest their capital and maximize their time.


Unlimited Pay-As-You-Go No Upfront Costs

This plan includes all of DIY plan features +

✓ Access to contract the Carpe Diem VA Team to handle the back-end technical work for you
✓ FREE Access to our ChatGPT API to operate your Conversation Bots in GoHighLevel
✓ Multiple AI Bots in a Single Location powered by ZappyChat AI, our back-end tool to help you build your AI Conversation Bots in GoHighLevel
✓ Access to our AI Mastermind Community where we bring in top industry experts to consult and help you solve all your critical questions and concerns
✓ Dedicated Account Manager
✓ Proven Custom Sales Scripts for your specific industry and business
✓ 1PM Team Will Help Guide You On How To Execute Your Campaigns & Qualify Your Leads. Done With You Lead Gen Support.



What is


1PM AI is an educational platform that creates digital AI avatar assets that teach small to mid-sized business owners, salespeople, and marketers how to implement the tools and strategies to scale their business, reduce their costs, and bring back countless hours of their time back to their lives.

Founded by Michael Makabi, a real estate virtuoso who transitioned from a realtor in 2004 to a nationwide commercial investor, 1PM AI is the culmination of years of industry experience and technological innovation. Michael’s journey through real estate, which includes running MTIP Commercial Real Estate and the BroadBridge Fund, inspired him to create a platform that could simplify business operations for professionals like himself.

With 1PM AI, you get an all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates everything from CRM systems to AI-driven chatbots, all for an unbeatable price of $297 per month. But we don’t stop at the essentials; our exclusive bonuses like 1PM Social AI Avatars and custom high-converting webpages give our members a competitive edge. As we look to the future, our commitment to innovation remains steadfast, promising new apps and AI features that will continue to enrich our growing community. With 1PM AI, the future isn’t just automated; it’s limitless.

Problem and Solution

Success Stories with 1PM AI

Transform your Business's Sales & Marketing Journey'


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, manual lead qualification is not just inefficient, it’s a roadblock to growth. From the time-consuming task of vetting every lead to the potential loss of leads due to human error, manual lead qualification can be a drain on resources and potential revenue.


Enter 1PM’s AI-based ISA Team, your solution to these challenges. With our platform, businesses can automate the lead qualification process, saving time, reducing errors, and improving conversion rates. Here’s how we do it:

Challenges1PM Solutions


Time-consuming manual qualification

Loss of potential leads due to human error

Loss of potential leads due to human error

Lower conversion rates

1PM Solutions

Automate the process using AI technology

Ensures every lead is accurately vetted and qualified

Frees up resources allowing them to focus on closing deals

Increases conversion rates by providing timely, accurate qualification

Elevate Your Sales Process Today!

Ready to take your sales to new heights with 1PM AI?

You’ve seen what our AI-Based ISA Team can do, the impressive features we offer, and the transformative benefits our services can bring to your sales process.

Product Features and Benefits

Uncover the Power of 1PM's AI ISA Team

Automation and Efficiency

With 1PM’s AI-Based ISA Team, you’re investing in an intelligent solution that works 24/7, managing and pre-qualifying leads without rest. Our AI doesn’t just work hard; it works smart, ensuring your leads are handled with efficiency and precision.


The beauty of 1PM’s AI-Based ISA Team is its adaptability. Our platform can engage and pre-qualify any type of leads, be it from Direct Mailers, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, PPC Ads, Purchased COLD Lists, Existing CRM leads, or old CRM lead reactivations.


Whether you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of leads, 1PM’s AI-Based ISA Team scales according to your needs. From qualifying up to 1,000 inbound leads a month with our Inbound ISA service to handling up to 3,000 outbound leads with our Outbound ISA service, we grow as you do.

Who is


1PM started out as a realtor back in 2004. He quickly became a broker, and then dived right into commercial real estate wholesaling in the DTLA market. Mike now primarily focuses his attention on syndicating and investing in both residential and commercial real estate nationwide with his network of partners.

He owns multiple businesses including MTIP Commercial Real Estate (a full-service boutique brokerage based out of Los Angeles, CA), the BroadBridge Fund (A national real estate syndication fund that acquires and manages both residential and commercial assets), and 1PropertyMarket (an exclusive off-market real estate lead generation platform that focuses on seller opportunities).

Case Studies
Success Stories with 1PM AI

Realtor Targeting Off-Market Sellers

Meet John, a realtor looking to tap into off-market sellers. After integrating 1PM AI, she was able to engage and qualify an impressive number of leads, significantly increasing her potential sales. Read Jane's success story here.

The Challenge

John, a seasoned realtor, was struggling to find off-market properties. Traditional lead generation methods were time-consuming and rarely bore fruit.

The 1PM AI Solution

With 1PM AI, John was able to automate and scale his outreach. The AI ISA sent personalized messages to homeowners in John’s targeted neighborhoods. Each message conveyed John’s interest in their property and asked if they had thought about selling.

The Results

The response rate was astonishing. In a month, 1PM AI helped John discover 30 off-market properties that met his criteria. With the time saved, John was able to focus on negotiations and closing deals. His business experienced a 25% increase in profits within the first quarter of using 1PM AI.

Mortgage Broker Seeking New Borrowers

Meet Linda, a mortgage broker seeking new borrowers. With 1PM AI, he was able to efficiently engage and prequalify inbound leads, leading to a boost in business. Discover how John transformed his lead process here.

The Challenge

Linda, an independent mortgage broker, needed to increase the number of qualified borrowers she could reach. Traditional advertising methods weren’t bringing in enough leads, and she was spending too much time on unqualified prospects.

The 1PM AI Solution

Linda chose the 1PM AI Outbound ISA service. The AI started a targeted outreach campaign that sent thousands of personalized messages to potential borrowers based on Linda’s specified criteria. Each message described her services and asked if the recipient was considering a mortgage.

The Results

With 1PM AI, Linda tripled the number of qualified leads she was generating. Furthermore, she was able to spend more time nurturing relationships with prospective clients instead of searching for them. Within three months of using 1PM AI, Linda was able to increase her client portfolio by 45%.

Roofing Contractor Targeting Property Owners

Meet Mike, a roofing contractor seeking property owners needing repairs. After employing 1PM AI, she saw a dramatic increase in qualified leads and job bookings. Uncover Sarah's success story here.

The Challenge

Mike, a roofing contractor, was finding it difficult to connect with homeowners in need of roofing repairs. Traditional marketing campaigns were costly and lacked the personal touch needed to secure contracts.

The 1PM AI Solution

Mike engaged 1PM AI’s Inbound ISA service. The AI began engaging with leads from Mike’s website, social media ads, and local directory listings. The AI offered initial consultations, provided estimates, and followed up on leads, ensuring that no potential client was missed.

The Results

1PM AI not only increased the number of leads Mike was able to engage with but also improved the quality of those leads. Mike found that the leads generated by 1PM AI were 60% more likely to convert than leads from his previous marketing efforts. This resulted in a significant increase in bookings and a substantial boost in profits.

These case studies help to demonstrate how 1PM AI can bring value to a variety of businesses. Each one provides concrete examples of the challenges that clients face, the solutions provided by 1PM AI, and the tangible results achieved.

Why You Can Trust Us

The Rise of Machine Learning: Unleashing Intelligent Systems


Secure Infrastructure:

Our robust and secure infrastructure is built using industry-leading technologies.


Regular Audits

We perform regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify and mitigate potential threats, keeping our system updated with the latest security measures.


Data Privacy

We comply with global data protection regulations. We only collect, use, and store your data to provide you with our services and enhance your user experience.


Controlled Access

Access to your data within our organization is limited and controlled. Only authorized personnel can access your data, and they do so only for legitimate business purposes.

We only accept a limited number of new clients each month to ensure we provide the best service.
Secure your spot now!

Our Clients Feedback

The Rise of Machine Learning: Unleashing Intelligent Systems

Press and Media Mentions

PAs a leader in the field of automated lead qualification, 1PM has been featured in several prominent media outlets. See where we’ve been mentioned in the press.

Demo 1PM AI

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Product Features and Benefits

1. Multichannel Lead Prequalification:

No matter where your leads come from— mailers, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, PPC Ads, existing CRM leads, old CRM Lead Reactivations, Sphere of Influence—1PM AI is ready. No lead goes unnoticed, and every potential gold mine is explored.

2. Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT:

Our sophisticated language processing ensures a personalized and consistent experience for your leads, mirroring your brand voice and sales approach.

3. GoHighLevel CRM Integration:

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll find our integration with GoHighLevel CRM user-friendly. And if you’re using another popular CRM, don’t worry—we can connect to those too.

4. Flexible Engagement Model:

Choose what suits your business best—Do It Yourself or Done For You. 1PM AI is here to support your sales process, no matter how you choose to work.

5. Strategic Partner:

that is constantly deploying capital, time, and resources to make sure we are all at the forefront of technology so that you don’t have too.

6. ZappyChat AI Integration:

Unlimited Bot Customization that can create as many AI script scenarios you can only imagine.

7. HL Pro Tools Customer Service:​

We partner with the best onboarding, customer care, and expert tech stack specialist to ensure the highest level support you can find on the market.

Awards and Recognition

Excellence in AI-Powered Solutions


Fast Company

Most Innovative AI Company (2024)

1PM AI was recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in AI for its groundbreaking work in lead qualification and outbound cold outreach.


Cool Vendor in AI for Sales (2024)

1PM AI was named a Cool Vendor in AI for Sales by Gartner. This award acknowledges companies offering unique and innovative products in the tech market.

Fast Company

Most Innovative AI Company (2024)

1PM AI was recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in AI for its groundbreaking work in lead qualification and outbound cold outreach.

Fast Company

Most Innovative AI Company (2024)

1PM AI was recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in AI for its groundbreaking work in lead qualification and outbound cold outreach.

Fast Company

Most Innovative AI Company (2024)

1PM AI was recognized by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in AI for its groundbreaking work in lead qualification and outbound cold outreach.

What You Get with 1PM AI

1PM AI isn’t just a service - it’s a strategic business partner vested in your success. We deliver unparalleled value:


All-Inclusive GoHighLevel Platform

We give you access to all the tools, benefits, and features of GoHighLevel CRM platform. Our expert team handles all tech-related setup and integrations, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.


No Need for Recruitment or Training

Forget the hassle of recruiting, hiring, and training sales agents. 1PM AI eliminates the need for an internal sales team or virtual agents, giving you more time and resources to invest in strategic decisions.


Custom-Built Conversational AI Bots

We provide custom-engineered OpenAI ChatGPT conversational AI bots. They engage with your leads at the highest level of expertise, maintaining your brand’s tone, style, and professionalism consistently.


A Strategic Business Partner

Unlike traditional agencies that merely provide technology, 1PM AI shares a vested interest in your success. Our pricing model ensures we’re committed to helping your business grow.


Access to Expertise and Exclusive Resources

Leverage our 20 years of strategic sales, marketing, automation, and system-building experience through our curated courseware. As part of the 1PM AI community, you gain access to resources that drive business growth.


HL Pro Tools Customer Service

We partner with the best onboarding, customer care, and expert tech stack specialist to ensure the highest level support you can find on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, AI transforms the sales process by automating lead qualification, allowing your team to focus on closing deals.
Our AI is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which uses machine learning to understand and respond effectively to a wide array of inquiries and comments.

While AI isn’t perfect, the advanced learning model minimizes errors. Any misunderstandings can be quickly corrected by human intervention, and the system continuously learns and improves over time.

We seamlessly integrate with GoHighLevel CRM and can also connect with many other popular CRMs. We aim to enhance your existing system, not complicate it.
While we integrate seamlessly with GoHighLevel, we can also work with you to connect to other popular CRM systems.
Yes, 1PM AI can handle leads from virtually any source, providing a consistent, efficient pre-qualification process across all your marketing channels.
We can tailor the AI’s responses to align with your brand voice and sales approach, ensuring a personalized and consistent experience for your leads.
Your data’s security is our top priority. We employ robust measures to protect your valuable information.
No, 1PM AI assists your sales team by prequalifying leads, allowing your team to focus on what they do best: closing sales.
Consider the time and resources spent on manual lead prequalification. 1PM AI could lead to significant cost savings in the long run, as well as increasing your sales by ensuring no lead is missed.
You can cancel your subscription at any time. We believe in the value of our product, and we think you will too once you see the results.
You should notice an immediate improvement in lead management, with tangible sales impact typically visible within the first few months.
Absolutely. 1PM AI is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Plus, we offer full customer support to guide you through the process.
Yes, you can set parameters for the AI’s operation times to align with your business hours or any schedule that works best for your sales process.
We do not take any commissions for the leads we help you preqaulify. Our job is to help you close more sales for a flat monthly rate. That’s it.
Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, if you have leads to qualify, 1PM AI can help streamline your sales process.
1PM AI can work alongside your existing ISA, ensuring no lead is missed and freeing up your ISA to focus on the most promising leads.
The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) plan, priced at $297 per month, is ideal for beginners or solopreneurs on a tight budget, offering a self-service platform with unlimited access to a white-labeled CRM, AI bot scripting, project management tools, and learning resources among other features, with the goal of investing personal time to minimize capital expenditure. Conversely, the Done-With-You (DWY) plan, priced at $997 per month, is suited for professionals or teams looking to invest capital to save time, providing all features of the DIY plan plus additional support like access to a virtual assistant team, ChatGPT API, multiple AI bots, expert consultations, a dedicated account manager, and hands-on campaign execution to elevate and streamline their lead generation and sales processes.
We provide comprehensive support to ensure you get the most out of 1PM AI. Whether it’s technical assistance or strategy advice, we’re here to help.
Our integration with multiple platforms, advanced language processing capabilities, flexible engagement model, and commitment to delivering high-quality leads sets us apart.

Ready to Supercharge Your Sales?

Your journey to achieving business efficiency and exponential sales growth begins here. By choosing 1PM AI, you’re choosing a future where your lead generation and qualification process is streamlined, efficient, and highly effective.